Mug! Fish fish fish fish fish …

Another post about a mug 🙂

Mug! With fish! Glug ...Look at that.

This is not a subtle mug. It’s not classy … it’s possibly slightly worrying (just look how worried those fish in the background are! The big one has TEETH!). But I really like it.

It isn’t my mug – it’s my husband’s. It was given to him a few years back by his (half) brother, who would have been about age 6 at the time and carefully picked it out himself. Which was very sweet of him. And a great choice – Colourful fish! That say Glug! Or at least 4 of them do – there are 4 of the slightly bigger, raised fish with teeth and speech bubbles, spread around the mug.

Mug in natural habitat

Mug in its natural habitat

The knobbliness makes it nice to hold. It holds more tea than your average mug – maybe almost 2 cups. It’s big, and solid, and it tells you to drink. What’s not to love?


What do you think? Do you see the appeal? – Or do I have terrible taste in brightly-coloured childish ceramics? Let me know in the comments!

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2 Responses to Mug! Fish fish fish fish fish …

  1. You tend to have terrible taste in ceramics but this example is a welcome exception!

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