Cream Tea

I’m away this weekend, so this is a much-reduced post. But in lieu of a tea-related post from me, I suggest you Google “cream tea” and see what comes up.

I also offer, for your amusement, a diagram to solve the eternal problem: jam first, or cream first?

Cream tea solver

I go for cream first, then jam

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7 Responses to Cream Tea

  1. Railton says:

    Spread cream, dollop of jam. Sorted 🙂

  2. Dave Holland says:

    Spread jam, dollop jam. Mmmm.

  3. Lucie says:

    Now Craig, being a Cornish lad, would rather disagree that there is a ‘choice’ in how one has one’s cream tea! However I love this diagram. XD

  4. Excellent, another person in the cream-then-jam camp 🙂

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