Is it just me? – Identity fraud

I just bought* a new planner :). It’s an 18-month pocket-sized one which has the week on the left hand side of the double page, and the right hand side is ruled for lists/ideas/etc. (Updated – photos added!) I like being able to write to-do lists or notes that aren’t connected to a particular day.

Open planner showing page layout

An eminently sensible layout

In the front of it, as in many of these, there’s space to put your personal details.

Quite a lot of personal details.

Personal details page

Ridiculously invasive personal details page

For ease of reading, it says:

home address

business address

family doctor
blood group
valid until
identity card
valid until
valid until
issued by
car plate
motorcycle plate
driver’s licence
valid until

Is it just me, or is this really, really stupid? I mean, I guess it doesn’t ask for your credit card details, so it could be more stupid. And admittedly, if I knew my blood type, and if I had any major allergies, I’d be happy to put those on there too. But all that info about your passport number and your car and driver’s licence? Crazy.

My policy with these things is to put “if lost please email [email address]” in the front, aiming to give people of good will and honest intention a way to contact me to arrange to get it back and to minimise the opportunities for others to exploit any information.

The moral of the story: think before you write … your personal data is precious. Identity theft happens enough already; don’t make it easy for people!

What do you think?

(*After some worry about function, form, sources, sustainability, and country of manufacture I went with a moleskine which is made from FSC sources (good) but made in China (which I’d rather avoid)).
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