Saturday Play – What would you save?

If your house was burning down, what would you save?
I came across a website today that is made up of people’s answers to this question. It’s pretty interesting – link: The Burning House.

After some thought, here’s what I would save:

Things I would save

I really should have put my phone in this picture as well ...

From the top left:

  • glasses – for seeing with
  • wallet – for driver’s licence and money
  • "Best wishes, Imre Leader"my copy of the Princeton Companion to Mathematics … because it is probably the most awesome book I own that is not easy and cheap to replace.
    Plus, it’s signed by Imre Leader! —->
  • my current planner (see yesterday’s post)
  • my watch (birthday present from my parents a year ago, it’s pretty and fairly tough and I feel slightly vulnerable without a watch)
  • my two passports – UK and NZ – essential documents! I figure with these I can probably rebuild / get new copies of all my other paperwork
  • green Doc Martens – ideal footwear for any situation I might find myself in (fairly waterproof, good for walking long distances but don’t look like walking boots, very practical)
  • Sunshine, my netbook – to use to get back in touch with everything via the internet

I would then fairly quickly go and buy:

  • Bible (probably NRSV)
  • pad of paper and pen(s)
  • earl grey teabags (probably Clipper Fairtrade)
  • power lead for my netbook!
  • a new phone … (can probably recover everyone’s numbers via the internet)
What would you save? What would you rapidly replace?
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3 Responses to Saturday Play – What would you save?

  1. Lucie says:

    My netbook would definitely be top of the list. Trying to save my desktop is just impractical. (Your netbook is very pretty, by the way!)
    My keys – mostly because I have keys to various different houses so whichever one burned down I’d still need to get in somewhere!
    Purse/backpack. I’d probably just grab the whole thing.

    If it was Craig’s house I’d grab Craig first, of course. XD

    • Def. agree that saving desktops is impractical! (And thank you – the yellow makes me smile :)) and yeah, I’m assuming that other people are capable of saving themselves. What sort of things do you keep in your backpack?

      • Lucie says:

        My backpack has purse, dice, one notebook and a pencil case in it (as well as a hairbrush and lip salve), inhaler (I’d probably need it after the smoke), suncream for face and body, and sometimes medication. All the essentials. XD

        *massively late reply is massively late*

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