Dreaming of bunting …

Since I last posted, things have been pretty good. I’ve been working extremely hard on my latest essay (comparing the Mathematics BA degree programme at the University of Cambridge with a Mathematics BSc at a ‘new’ University) which I am pleased to say is now finished and printed (I just need to also burn it to CD and pop it all in the post tomorrow!). Our kitchen and bathroom have been having some much-needed (but rather disruptive) work done on them, which is now almost finished. Hurrah! And I’ve been to Soul Survivor (Week B) with Church which was awesome.

Soul Survivor - the Big Top

The Big Top at Soul Survivor - seats 12,000

Things feel like they’re settling down a little bit now … although perhaps not for long as next week I’m headed off to the Towersey Village Festival! And today I’ve been dreaming of bunting … and spending too much time reading ‘how to make your own bunting’ webpages. Like this one. Or this one. Or this one. Yes, I know they’re all essentially the same …

So. Back to work. I’ve promised myself that if I get enough done I can then start planning the bunting of my dreams.

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2 Responses to Dreaming of bunting …

  1. For the record, I did make bunting and take it to Towersey (and it was rather useful for identifying my tent in the dark). It may appear on the blog at some point 🙂

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