and now for something cheerful – bunting!

To add a bit of colour and fun to what is otherwise a bit of a grey time, I thought I’d share with you the bunting that I made last month :).

Materials: double-sided interfacing, assorted colourful fabrics, bias binding, thread

Equipment: iron, ironing board, sharp scissors, needle

I spent about £8 on materials for this, aside from what I had already – which was more than I needed to, I have lots and lots of fabric left over. Still, I’m sure I’ll find something to do with it later. I made 5 metres of bunting, which I think is about the minimum for hanging round a small tent – I was planning to go back and make more once I’d done this, but due to not being able to use the sewing machine (see below) I ran out of time.

The most expensive part was the double-sided interfacing – at something like £1.50/mtr (30cm wide). I bought a metre and got 104cm, so I calculated how to make the most of it by making the triangles tesselate

calculating triangle size

calculating triangle size

triangles of interfacing

tracing out the triangles

look! it's a fish eating a ... diamond?

look! it's a fish eating a ... diamond?

I had a selection of fabrics – from left to right: blue and pink cotton voile bought for this project, faux-patchwork cotton left over from making cushion covers, and fabrics which you might recognise from my waistcoat


colourful fabrics 🙂

fabrics, interfacing and bias binding

fabrics, interfacing and bias binding

to make the tesselation work, I had some half-triangles* which I put together with solid pieces of fabric either side to hold them together. They turned out like this:

plain fabric triangles

plain fabric triangles

then once I had that out of the way I could experiment a bit more with stripes and patches to use up the oddly-shaped bits of fabric

making a stripy triangle

making a stripy triangle

stripy triangles, trimmed and untrimmed

stripy triangles, trimmed and untrimmed

eventually they were all done

stack of completed triangles with lego figure

stack of completed triangles. The lego figure was a present from C

our sewing machine broke down (fixed now, all it needed was some cleaning out, fluff-removing and oiling) so I ended up sewing the triangles to the bias binding by hand. And then it was done!

hanging around the kitchen

hanging around the kitchen

all tied together

all tied together, ready for packing

in use at Towersey!

in use at Towersey! Spot my tent ...

Yay, colourful things :).

*yes, they’re technically triangles too. But they’re half the size that I was aiming for.
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8 Responses to and now for something cheerful – bunting!

  1. Railton says:

    I love your lego man! 😀

  2. Railton says:

    I WANT TO SEE THE LEGO CAVEMAN! I also really want to make a bunting triangle for you for some reason…. Do you take bunting submissions?

  3. Railton says:

    Email me dimensions (and what constitutes the correct fabric) and I’ll do my best… Do you still have some weird backing stuff left? Oo and your address for posting!

    • I went for dimensions of a triangle base 15cm height 17cm. I don’t have any more of the backing/interfacing stuff but I think I’m going to give that a miss for future bunting – if I’m organised enough I can instead back each interesting triangle with a plain fabric or something (put right sides together, sew round 2 edges, turn right-sides-out, voila!). As to correct fabric – light-ish cotton? Like, pillowcase-type weight rather than denim-type weight. Will email you my address :).

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