Tea of the Week – Clipper Assam with Vanilla

Today, I present my current favourite tea.

Clipper Assam and Vanilla - box

It’s not an Earl Grey.

(This is strange for me too. )

It’s a slightly less detailed review than normal; I hope you won’t mind.

Source: I bought this from a supermarket – probably Waitrose, my nearest one stocks a reasonable range of Clipper teas. You can buy it online from them, too.

Cost: £2.89 for 50 teabags (125g).

Ethics: Fairtrade. Woo! (94% of ingredients certified to international Fairtrade standards)

Brewing instructions: They say: “Always use fresh water, pour it over the tea bag while it’s still boiling and allow it to brew for 2-4 minutes. The rest is up to you.” which I think shows a nice laid-back attitude. And this tea warrants a laid-back attitude. I’ve been drinking it over the summer, in all sorts of situations, rain, shine, camping, at home, with milk, without milk, with soy milk … and it unfailingly tastes good. Including when made with hard water (so you get that awkward kind of layer on the top) – it still tastes good.

Cup of tea, brewing

Taste: Good, strong, warm, and softened by the vanilla. I think that’s the thing which really sets it apart from the previous Assam teabags I had – it takes the edge off.

Food match: A good all-round tea. I have been drinking it: on its own, with porridge, with pasta, with chocolate … with just about anything. Given a choice I think I’d probably drink it on its own. Although if some of the Mississippi Mud Cake I made earlier is still around …

Tea and cake

Tea and Cake 🙂

Have you tried this tea? Would you like to? Come round and I’ll make you a cup …

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One Response to Tea of the Week – Clipper Assam with Vanilla

  1. CGM says:

    R just finished the box of this that I brought home from my trip this summer — it was lovely.

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