Saturday play – my new waistcoat!

Recently, I’ve been making a waistcoat. Yes, another one. This is the third waistcoat I’ve made – you can see pictures of the first one here, and pictures of the charity-shop-shirt that formed part of the second one here.

I’ve got a post lined up for Thursday about the making of it, but to show off the fact that it’s finished, here it is in all its glory 🙂

front of waistcoatfront of waistcoat - lining-side-outback of waistcoatback of waistcoat - lining-side-out



I’m pretty happy with it – the back is a bit short, but everything else has worked out well.



Considering it’s significantly more complicated than anything I’ve sewn for quite a while, and that I had to alter the pattern quite a lot to get it to fit, I am very pleased with it. I wasn’t ever intending to wear it lining-side-out but when it was 95% finished I realised that it actually looked quite nice, and if I made the buttonholes appropriately I could do so, so why not?

What do you think? And yes, I have had my hair cut again.

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3 Responses to Saturday play – my new waistcoat!

  1. Hazelnut says:

    Lovely. Looking very nice, I like both ways round. I did notice the hair, very nice, though needs to be more spiky! 😛 x

  2. Alison says:

    Love it! I need to start sewing again, and make beautiful things, in my copious free time… Love the haircut too, looking forward to seeing it in the flesh.

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