“It is impossible …”

“It is impossible to step into the same river twice.”

– Heraclitus
(there are various translations of this saying)

When this post is published, I will be in Cambridge, gearing up for my 5th Cambridge Freshers Fair. For the first one, I was a punter (or whatever the appropriate noun is), wandering along, signing up to things that sounded interesting. For the rest of them, though, I have been working the fair – representing various societies – being friendly and approachable and persuasive.

It’s strange, because every time it’s the same, and every time it’s different. And this may be my last one – the course of study I’m on ends in August, and so maybe I won’t be around next year.

So much is the same. The bustle, the societies, the noise, the location, the procedures … but so much has changed. People, most of all. Almost everyone I knew in my first year has gone, and many of the people I knew in my second and third years, too. Everything’s changing, growing, evolving. Which is mostly exciting, but sometimes tiring. Perhaps University really is a microcosm of life.

So. Feeling a little nostalgic, a little confused, and missing people. But life is good, and it goes on.

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One Response to “It is impossible …”

  1. Rag says:

    Yeah, it kinda does that. I left uni mmfmfmfll years ago, but kinda fell in love with Canterbury and never left. I did four freshers weeks (one as a punter and three as SU [it’s a technical term]). And to this day I still feel protective and nurturing towards those poor buggers with the startled bunny look. Many of them have become good friends.

    It is tough having a chunk of your social circle disappearing on a yearly basis. But I have got to meet so many great people. And some of them stay. And I have floors to crash on, on most (if not all) continents. And with the wonders of modern technology, not here does not mean gone.

    The ones that really matter are still there. The rest were brief encounters that brought a little joy into your life (and into theirs). There is no bad here.

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