Tea(pots) of the week – fabric!

This week’s tea of the week (sort of): Liberty Art Print Teapot fabric! (#LB27)
Yellow fabric with big blue teapot printIsn’t it lovely? I bought it with thoughts of making a waistcoat, but have since decided that I have sufficient waistcoats. So now this is sitting, waiting, for the perfect project to arise … I think one day it may be part of a quilt.

(One day when I’m better at quilting).

What would you use it for?
(scale: the body of the teapot is approximately a 6cm diameter circle)


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7 Responses to Tea(pots) of the week – fabric!

  1. Northern Narratives says:

    Beautiful fabric. I would use it to cover the table 🙂

    • Ooh, good idea … I’m not sure I have quite enough for that (we have quite a big table) but maybe a table runner or placemats or something … I’ll have to think about it 🙂

  2. Billy says:

    It would make a very nice self-referential tea cosy if you padded the inside.

  3. I would make tea cozies with it of course! In fact, I think I will buy some of that fabric and maky some teacozies myself, thanks for inspiring me!

  4. Tova says:

    Napkins for a tea party of course!

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