To Nano or not to Nano?

Currently, I am thinking about NaNoWriMo – 50 000 words, one month (November), what could go wrong?

I’ve done Nano twice before, and made it to 50K, but not written anything that was really worth reading. That’s okay … but if I’m going to do it a third time I want to up my game. Which means planning. I’d also kind of like to do something like a novella made up of a series of shorter stories that interweave with each other – I guess kind of like you get in a TV show, where over the course of a season each episode may focus on one particular character/dilemma/theme, but there are longer story arcs as well that tie everything together. I’d also kind of like to do something a bit fantastical – or fantastical-meets-everyday, like Neil Gaiman or China Mieville.

If I do go for Nano (which I’m increasingly thinking I will do), that will probably take the place of writing this blog for the month – sorry! But I will also probably aim to post some of my writing up here in place of more usual blog posts. (Hm, maybe I need to have my characters drink interesting teas …)

I have a week to plan … let’s see what happens.

Do you have any ideas about things I should try and put into my novel?

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