Nano is going okay. I’m currently on 5,885 words which is a little bit behind (I should’ve got a further 800 words done by the end of yesterday) but I’m not freaking out about it … yet, anyway. Aiming to be at 12,000 by the end of the weekend, which will put me ahead.

I’ve worked out how I like Word set up for writing, too: (Word 2007, view web layout to get full-screen view, hide the ribbon, change background colour under ‘Page Layout’ tab)

screenshot of Word 2007 with purple background and full-screen writing

if you must read, please do so as uncritically as possible

My netbook has a bug which means I can’t change the screen brightness (it’s a Samsung N150 and this seems a well-documented problem) so getting a coloured background is pretty important to me. And the full-screen writing definitely also helps 🙂 as does hiding the word count!

I think I have my world mostly built now, and I’m starting to decide how things work (there are some magical elements and I’ve played around with ideas of magic items or powers being hereditary or whatever, and come up with a system I think I’m happy with). I’m going slower than I have done in previous years, but I am working things out better. If I try to just write, I end up painting myself into corners which is not the way to write a convincing story …

Okay. I should stop writing this, and go start writing that. Or at least doing research for that. Mmm.


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1 Response to update

  1. I’ve made it to 7K … but not yet making any progress on catching up the words that I’m behind. Hmmm. Let’s hope tomorrow will be more useful.

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