17K … onwards and upwards …

I’m still struggling with Nano. I’ve introduced two new characters – I now have 3 pairs of main characters. Ideally I’d like to try and interleave chapters from the various pairs. At the moment, though, a lot of what I’m writing is out of order – just trying to get things down. Write, and get the word count up.

I’m catching up, a little wee bit. I am just under 5K behind at the moment, but I am working steadily and hope to catch up in a couple of days. And then, ideally, to overtake and finish early. I suspect that this will be a year where I want to get to 50K and then I will stop and go back to focusing on life a bit more – I’m already feeling guilty that I haven’t made a couple of tea cosies which I have sort of said I’ll make. I’m also a little concerned as I think my word count is counting dashes and dots ( – and … ) as words, which I don’t think ought to be what’s happening. And so I may get to what I think is 50K only to find that I have a couple thousand more words to write.

So. More interestingly, so far in my story I have:

– a multiverse, sort of
– a talking cat
– two sets of twins
– a wise old woman
– knitting

and I plan to add:

– a magical tram
– a bear
– … anything else you guys can suggest! Really, I need help with this, if you have any ideas!

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3 Responses to 17K … onwards and upwards …

  1. 17,500 … onwards, ever onwards …

  2. Shake it up a bit — have a magical knitting bear, a wise old tram, a talking universe that wants to be a multiverse when it grows up, two pairs of centenarian lady twins and a very fluffy cat whose fur talks.

  3. Well, maybe if the universe quietly /implied/ that it had ambitions…

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