As you may have picked up from my post about this last year, I still feel quite new to this whole liturgy thing. But I am becoming more and more convinced that I like it.

Advent candle (c) FreeFoto

image courtesy of FreeFoto

So we come to the beginning of another liturgical year. I’m going to be doing the same Advent readings as last year, from Maggi Dawn’s book. I remember it really made me think last year, and am looking forward to picking it up again. This is supposed to be a season of expectation and preparation; I’m hoping to keep that in mind. Hoping for a good start, here’s part of an Advent prayer from Common Worship:

“As we meet to celebrate anew the coming of God’s kingdom, we hear revealed the
mystery of God’s loving purpose for us – how that when we were far off, he met us
in his Son and brought us home; how he humbled himself to take our human nature,
that we might share his divine glory.

Let us then so celebrate this coming with our carols and hymns of praise, that our
lives may be charged with his life; that we may bear witness to his glory and so bring
light to those who sit in darkness. So first we pray for those among whom the Christ
was born: the poor and helpless, the aged and young children; the cold, the hungry
and the homeless; the victims of poverty, injustice and oppression, the sick and those
who mourn, the lonely and the unloved; those in despair or in the shadow of death.
Then, as we hear again the message of peace on earth and goodwill among all his
people, we pray for the leaders of the nations, that all may be inspired to work
together for the establishment of justice, freedom and peace the world over.”

Source: excerpted from
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