Dance Dance Dance?

I’m looking for a way to stay fit over the winter. This summer I took up jogging, which was lovely in the nice weather, but I’ve let it slip in the last couple of months and given how dark and slippery it gets now I don’t think it would be a good (or safe) idea. A friend mentioned DDR as a way of keeping fit and as I’ve got some money left on an amazon gift certificate (which means it would only cost me about £12) I’m thinking about it. What do you think?

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5 Responses to Dance Dance Dance?

  1. Brian Yu says:

    I’m SO BAD at DDR. We even had those mats and all. My foot-eye coordination is broken. LOL.

    • Haha! Serendipitously, my mother in law has just said that she’s going to transfer me some money, which I wasn’t expecting (I pay for a phone package that gives unlimited calls between 5 people which means that almost all phone calls she makes are free; I’ve said she doesn’t need to help me pay for it but she insists …) so I’ve just ordered it – it should be fun!

      I haven’t done anything like this for YEARS (I think 7+ years) but I have pretty decent coordination so I’m looking forward to it arriving! (and am intrigued by the idea of whole-body motion using the remote and nunchuck to make you move your arms and pose …) Hopefully it will arrive before Christmas and then my sister can have a go on it too – I think she’d like that.

  2. I like dancing games — can I come and visit?! I have an old version for PlayStation and I wish it had more tracks to dance to. You may be interested in StepMania, a free open-source dancing game with lots of downloadable music packs. You can also make your own music packs, with some effort — my excuse for not is that I’m studying…

    Anyway, to use StepMania, you need a USB dance mat or USB adapter for other kinds of mat. I bought a Logic3-branded adapter from Maplin for £10 and it connects my PlayStation dance mat to my Mac!

    • Yes, you can come and visit! Although it might be some time before it arrives … Amazon seem to be saying that stuff ordered now may not be delivered until Christmas Eve. We’ll see. (Incidentally, C is surprised that you like dancing games – I’m not surprised, I think they seem like your sort of thing but they apparently don’t quite fit with his mental image of you …)

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