Making Tablet for Christmas

One of the things I’ll be doing this Christmas is making Tablet, to give to friends and family – thinking that one of the answers to “what do you give people who just don’t need any more stuff?” is “something edible you made yourself!”

A couple of weeks ago I made a trial batch – it’s been several years since I made this from the wonderful recipe at, and conditions are slightly different than they were back then (previously I was using a smaller pot and was cooking on an electric, rather than gas, hob), so I thought it would be prudent to do a trial run nice and early. Plus, I get to feed it to people and they decide that I’m a wonderful friend to have, which is always rather flattering.

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In the end I beat a little too much air into it so it turned out a bit grainy – lesson learned! I’m sure it will go better next time.

C and I have done the making-sweet-things-to-give-as-Christmas-gifts thing for the past few years – it’s especially useful for extended family where we want to give them something they’ll enjoy, but we don’t know quite what they want and of course we don’t have an enormous budget! Last year we made a big selection of various chocolate-dipped chocolate truffles (I highly recommend making white chocolate truffles with chambord – a raspberry liqueur – delicious!) which was very well received, although it took a lot of time. This year we’re going for tablet and gingerbread. Do you tend to make edible things to give as Christmas gifts?

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3 Responses to Making Tablet for Christmas

  1. Alison says:

    Mmmm, LOVE tablet! I make it according to an old family recipe from the Scottish half of the family, but it’s pretty similar to the one you’ve used. I’m planning to make homemade sweets for Sam’s dad this year as he’s difficult to buy for, last year I did marzipan fruits with the leftover marzipan from the Christmas cake, peppermint creams with the leftover icing, and rum truffles. Might add some tablet, fudge or toffee this year, and make plenty so I can eat what I don’t give away!

    • Aha, cunning ways to use up marzipan … I like it :). I’ve never made toffee, I think that would be fun (although having said that I don’t actually like eating toffee – maybe that would be a good thing? It’d mean I could actually give lots away!)

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