There are too many good things in the world …

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There are too many good things in the world for you to
be a part of all of them. 

This is something I’ve been telling myself over the past year or so. It’s hard, the whole love your neighbour, do things ethically, and ‘be the change you want to see in the world’ thing.

There is just so much to be done. Although I don’t like to say things like this: there’s a limit to how much one person can do – we each have 24 hours a day (or rather, fewer, depending on how much time is spent asleep) and finite energy (optimising the time/energy ratio is left as an exercise to the reader).

I used to have a pretty straightforward rule for dealing with things like this: IF you see something that needs doing, QUERY: is anyone sorting it out? IF NOT: could you sort it out? IF SO: do so. Unfortunately, that algorithm broke some time ago – as I grow more aware of various issues and gain skills, the gap between the time and energy required for {things I can see need doing | I could do them} and the time and energy I actually have is growing wider and wider.

Sometimes this feels frustrating and hopeless – like no matter how hard I try and how many changes I make, it’s never going to be okay. Feeling like that can be frustrating, exhausting and destructive. I’m trying to think about it all in a more positive way: there are many people and organisations working hard to change the world.

There are many things going on that are making a difference, in various ways. There are too many of these – I can’t join in with all of them – but that’s a good thing. Of course, it’s important that this doesn’t turn into complacency, but I tend towards being overly obsessive as opposed to apathetic so I’m not too worried about that. I’ve heard people say “if you want to know what you really believe in, look at your calendar and at your wallet” and yeah, I’d be happy to stand up and take responsibility for both of those.

How do you deal with the ethical issues surrounding being (comparatively, globally) rich?

Disclaimer: I am not rich in the usual sense, but I think as a person living in the western world, one has a lot of responsibility towards others – if you’re reading this blog, in terms of wealth you’re probably doing pretty well; from 2010 stats only 8% of people in the world have an internet connection (citation:
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1 Response to There are too many good things in the world …

  1. Brian Yu says:

    I have to remind myself constantly that I’m not called (as an individual) to solve every single problem in the world. But I am called to play my part, to perform my role, and to fill in the correct piece of the divine jigsaw puzzle. And when everyone else does the same, that is when the universal church is at its best!

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