Christmas Eve

It’s Christmas Eve.

The work is finished. The presents are wrapped. The cards are written. The decorations are up, the mince pies are made, and C is sound asleep upstairs, having finally finished night shifts. All is not right with the world – with car bombs and political unrest, AIDS and widespread poverty how could it be? But some things are right with the world.

I’m struggling with writing at the moment. Probably because I’m struggling to process my thoughts, to say what I really mean without sounding totally twee or cliched.

Here’s some of what I have been doing recently:

Mince pies mid-construction

Making mince pies

They are rather lovely. (And if you top them with stars it’s not so obvious when you put too much mincemeat in and it bubbles up around the sides)

Tablet, gift-wrapped

Making and gift-wrapping tablet

Tablet, wrapped and ready to give. (I made a second batch yesterday – and I’ve worked out what went wrong previously; I had the sugar boiling too vigorously).

I think the key with wrapping things in cellophane is to use lots of it so it looks dramatic.

Baubles and chocolates in a glass bowl

I wish you love, hope, and joy this Christmas.

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