A Christmas Holiday Update

I’ve been enjoying the holiday season – although I had a bit of a cold in the days leading up to Christmas, it was starting to get better by Christmas Eve and seems to have gone now. Which is lovely. And much better than last year when we all had swine flu. Here is some of the story of my Christmas:

Croissants baking on Christmas morning

Croissants in the oven on Christmas morning

Pile of presents!

An exciting pile of presents!

Plan for Christmas day

The plan for Christmas day food

Christmas dinner

Christmas dinner 🙂 on our wedding-present-plates

Box of chocolates

A lovely box of chocolates

Tea in Dorothy Garrod mug

Drinking tea in my new Dorothy Garrod mug

On Boxing Day, my parents and sister came to visit. I didn’t take very many photos, but here are a few that turned out:

Gammon on Boxing Day

we had some lovely Gammon

Mince pies and jam tarts on Boxing Day

and ate homemade mince pies

And here is a photo of my sister taking a photo … check out her boots!

My sister taking a photo

taking a break from unwrapping presents to take a photo

I hope you had a good Christmas period (whether you celebrated it or not). What have you been doing over the last week or so?

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