a quiet day at home

After several days of travelling for work-related stuff (yesterday I had to be on a train at 7:38am … and wasn’t back til 9:30pm, that was painful :() I’ve set aside today and tomorrow as days to sit at home and work on my thesis. At the moment, that mostly means transcribing.

So here I am, in the loft. And here is the cat … I glanced down at the chair and didn’t see him at first (although in hindsight the paws are a bit of a giveaway):

Black cat on black office chair

cat attempts camouflage

Awwwww. (Wish I could spend all afternoon napping.)

Of course, the really dangerous thing you can see in this photo is that C’s giant Toblerone is just sitting there on his desk, and I have to resist it for the next 4 hours …

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