wandering through Superdrug*

The last week has been fairly busy and tiring for me work-wise. In light of that, I decided to declare today Officially Part Of The Weekend and spend it not very useful things like lazing around and reading books, and slightly more useful things like laundry and finding the library book that I lost before Christmas (it was under the sofa).

And in the afternoon, I decided to wander into town, because if I spend all day at home I tend to spend a lot of it feeling guilty or inventing tasks for myself to do (why haven’t you emptied the dishwasher? double checked all your anti-virus and windows defender updates? sponteneously cleaned the whole bathroom?) which makes it hard to relax. While there, I went into Superdrug and wandered round – pretty much entirely because I never do that. And then, because this is the sort of thing I do, I started picking up cosmetics and looking for their country of manufacture.

The results were interesting. About half of the items I happened to pick up were made in China. Some said “Made in China”, while others said “Made in PRC”, in what I’m guessing was an attempt to make it slightly less obvious. The other half were mixed – in particular, I noticed that MeMeMe products seemed to be made in the UK, and beautyUK items I picked up were made in China. Brands that I think of as “well-established” like Bourjois and Lancome seem to be made in a variety of European countries, including Denmark and France.

I was pleased to notice that there seemed to be information about the country of manufacture on almost every product I picked up. And to see that it’s perfectly possible to get makeup that’s made in the UK / other countries with (on a global scale) good labour laws. These sorts of things are good to know 🙂

*it’s a sign of how long I’ve been in the UK that this name no longer seems odd to me. I remember when we first moved here it seemed very, very strange. Superdrug. Right, so is that where you go when your local drug dealer just isn’t super enough …?

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