I have, after putting in a couple of hours this morning, finished work for the week. This is a good feeling. And I don’t have to go anywhere or do anything for … ooh, a whole 4 hours!

Eudoxia in Sunglasses

Top tip for working from home and staring at a screen all day: wear sunglasses. Yes, you will look like a bit of a twit, but your eyes may also be much happier.

My Chinese New Year feast went well 🙂 and I had leftover wontons, which is a wonderful thing. There was leftover wonton filling, as well, which I’ve made into meatballs and frozen, for later dropping into soup … I’ve been making lots of soup with Chinese greens and wontons, which is delicious and also pretty healthy. Here are some pictures of it all:

folded uncooked wontons

folding wontons is fun!

wontons being deep-fried

cooking them is pretty neat too

Chinese New Year Food

yay, food!

wonton soup

mmmm, cooking with leftovers

Hurrah for tasty (and affordable) food!

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One Response to update

  1. Jack V says:

    Well, you look like someone from the Matrix, although that doesn’t completely necessitate “non-twit” 🙂

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