extremely easy craft: turn knee high socks into wristwarmers

It’s been getting kind of cold recently. And my hands get cold pretty easily. Also, I have 2 pairs of stripey knee high socks that were getting all holey …  hence this post, wrist/handwarmers. I’ve been wearing them all week and I’m surprised at how much of a difference they’re making!

there's a hole in my sock :(

Step 1: Realise that those knee-high socks you have are going holey 😦

both socks have holes in them :(

Step 2: verify that all holes are in the foot/heel/lower ankle area

cutting above the hole

Step 3: Figure out which hole is highest. Cut just above that one.

both socks cut

Step 4: cut the other sock to match

hand over top of sock

Step 5: put your hand over the top edge of the sock (the bit that was once by your knee), to work out where you want your thumbhole to go. If your socks are stripey, it makes it even easier.

cutting a tiny hole for your thumb

Step 6: cut teeny tiny holes for your thumbs (they will stretch. Also it is much easier to make a hole bigger than to make it smaller ...)

finished wristwarmer!

Step 7: wear with pride! or something

You might want to whipstitch around the edges of the thumbholes, they do stretch a bit. (I haven’t bothered so far.)

I like the fact that if you want to put on “real” gloves, you can quickly pull your thumbs out of these and squish them down over your wrists. And they’re less itchy than one of my other pairs of fingerless gloves, and less bulky than the other.

Any other ideas for things you can transform just by cutting a couple of holes into them?

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One Response to extremely easy craft: turn knee high socks into wristwarmers

  1. Hazelnut says:

    I remember those socks. 🙂

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