update on giving up lunch for Lent

So I thought I should write a few words about Lent, now that we’re a couple of weeks in.

I’ve gone ahead with the idea I had about giving up lunch for Lent. It’s going well, so far. I’ve saved a little bit of money, which I’ll be giving to my church’s Lent appeal to support a local charity. It isn’t hindering my functionality (e.g. I’m not getting massive headaches that stop me working or anything) – which I think is where I’ve pitched things correctly by giving up lunch, rather than “not eating between time X and Y”. I can still have snacks, or fruit, or a drink – just not a meal.  But it is altering my mindset.

I’m finding hunger humbling.

It’s a reminder that I am not self-sufficient, that I can’t do it all and have it all, all on my own and by dint of my own hard work. The literal bit: I rely on suppliers and farmers and dozens of people I’ve never met and never will meet, for daily food. Of course, that’s kind of obvious once you think about it, but it’s easy not to think about it and that’s something that’s been coming to mind recently. And because of the reasons behind my fasting, it’s a reminder that I need God and am dependent on him, and a reminder to pray.

It also really, really makes me appreciate dinnertime. And Sundays. 

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One Response to update on giving up lunch for Lent

  1. Jack V says:

    I’m glad it’s going well. I was worried you _might_ feel too faint, I’m glad I was wrong. It’s an excellent point that most of us don’t think about hunger and all that implies at all.

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