Life isn’t about …

"Life isn't about finding yourself. Life is about creating yourself."Saw this in a bookshop and wanted to share. I rather like it.

This last week’s been a tiring one. I had an assessment day/interview for a job I’ve applied for, but it was far away so I’ve spent rather a lot of time driving (and drinking cans of Starbucks Doubleshot … lovely Fairtrade coffee. Nom). Map of the UK and Shania Twain CD

And listening to Shania Twain … please don’t judge 😉 I find that when I’m driving for long periods on my own, what I really need is music I can sing along to loudly (which doesn’t intersect well with what I usually listen to).

I think it went well. Won’t hear for another week or so, though, so it’s time to say goodbye to that for now and move onwards and upwards … hope your week’s been less tiring than mine 🙂

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