no success jobhunting yet :(

Heard back today from the job I interviewed for last week (and for which I think the interview went well). I haven’t got it 😦 although they did say some nice things in the email about how they had to line up applicants with projects they have in the pipeline, and how they would “very much like” to keep my details on file for the future. So – just one of those things, and onwards and upwards … it’s a shame, but something else will happen. 

(As posted on here before … any ideas for what a Cambridge Maths Graduate could do? If anybody has suggestions I’m all ears – post comments here or email me at!) 

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2 Responses to no success jobhunting yet :(

  1. I hope that e-mail address of yours doesn’t get spammed now that it’s machine-readable on the public Web… But, I don’t have any numbers on the effectiveness of the various address-tweaking techniques. You could try something like “eudoxiafriday” at “gmail” dotcom. Maybe the naughty spam programs won’t understand that.

    • I expect it’ll be okay. It’s actually been on this site, machine-readable, for quite a long time now (on the about page, and I think in one or two posts before) and I don’t seem to get any spam from it except very very occasionally the sort of spam which I think comes from actual humans (who wonder if I might like to hire someone to write the odd guest post).

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