some links on ethical consumption

My jeans are worn out 😦 they’re holey at the top of the thighs … I wore them, then patched them, but now that the patches have holes I think it’s time to say goodbye. Which made it quite interesting reading this post about disposing of clothing, which points out that a lot of clothing given to charity shops is recycled / sent to landfill / send to the third world, so it’s a lot better to sell your stuff at a garage sale or on ebay or something if you can, as at least then you know it gets to a consumer who wants it.

Also! I remember hearing about it a while back and now it is here … John Lewis have a “Made in UK” label to show which of their products are UK manufactured! And you can shop their website by this category 🙂 this makes me happy. And also more likely to buy running shoes from them.

Has anyone else been watching Mary’s Bottom Line? I really like the idea of buying knickers made in the UK … possibly alongside some more basic cotton ones from Pants to Poverty … especially as I’ve noticed some of the Pants to Poverty ones on sale cheaper at the Ascension Online Shop

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