it’s not all made in China :)

Successful shopping trip today – bought several fairly ordinary things, all made in the UK (tights, £3.50 for 2, M&S; non-twee anniversary card, £1.50, M&S; Fairtrade lavender-flavoured dark chocolate, £1.99, Holland & Barrett). And it didn’t take much effort – just making sure to turn things over and read the labels (e.g. various ranges of M&S tights are made in the UK, China, Turkey and Italy, so I just needed to check that I was getting some made in the UK).

(In my book, interestingly-flavoured fairtrade chocolate counts as an ordinary thing – as in, it’s somethng I’d like to buy quite often!)

I’m particularly pleased to have found tights made in the UK. This means that between ethically-produced clothing (from places like People Tree and One World is Enough) and clothing produced in the UK (where I live), I can now source nearly every category of clothing I would want to buy in future*. Of course, it’ll be a long time before my wardrobe is entirely made up of things from these sources, because it’s hardly eco-friendly (or wallet-friendly) to throw out clothes I already own, but it’s really nice to find more and more options for buying clothing that definitely isn’t made in sweatshops.

(*the ones I haven’t noticed a source for yet are bras and swimwear. Anyone have any recommendations?)
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