Working hard … and knitting

So I’ve been up to quite a lot since I posted last, with not much time (or inspiration) for posting on here … until today :).

I’ve been doing an awful lot of transcribing, for work, which is hard and boring and sometimes a bit of an emotional wringer, which I hadn’t really expected. Either listening back to your own inept questioning (although my questioning is a lot more ept than it was once upon a time), or listening back to your interviewee struggling to express themselves. It’s hard, because you, as a researcher, want them to think really hard and say what they mean as clearly as they possibly can and in as much detail as they can … which means sometimes leaving them hanging and struggling when you, as a social human being, would like to jump in and say “oh, yes, I know what you mean, sure” and move on to an easier question.

I made stewed rhubarb and apple with ginger and vanilla yesterday. It was delicious.

I’ve also been applying for jobs – one application I sent in about 10 days ago and heard back on Friday and I’ve been invited to an interview day 🙂 so that’s really encouraging – it’s always good to hear back about things! The other application I only sent in on Friday, so I’m hoping that I might hear back from them next week.

Putting that last application together was much more agonising than I thought it would be. I thought it would be relatively easy, since I’ve now got sort of half a dozen recent CVs, so I can edit bits from those together for new applications rather than starting from scratch. And that did make it easier than it otherwise would have been, but still an awful lot of work tailoring it to the company and to the position before I was happy with it. Something about my CV and cover letter writing must be working, though, because although I haven’t applied for very many jobs, for all the applications I’ve really put effort into I’ve made it through at least past the first stage (and of course, this is also partly why I haven’t applied for very many jobs – if I’m spending time preparing for the next round for one vacancy, I’m not spending that time applying to new ones!). If everything works out really well, I might soon have a job sorted for September, which would be fantastic. (Wish me luck!)

I (finally) finished all of the transcribing yesterday at 5pm … and later thay evening picked up some knitting again. I’m working on a big blanket made of acrylicy stuff (using up yarn that my MIL once intended for another project, now defunct, plus some that I bought to practice crocheting with and then gave up on) and I’m doing a few squares with entrelac. Entrelac is amazing, it’s magic – it looks like you’ve woven a load of knitting together. I’m using the instructions from the Danica scarf featured in Knitty, I’ll put some photos up when I’ve done more.

What have you been up to in the last few weeks?

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