Eudoxia goes swimming!

Friends, a new stage of my life is dawning. Okay, that’s over-dramatic, but something happened this week that I genuinely think will have a significant impact on my life from now on:

I got prescription goggles!

After swimming!

It’s really hard to take good photos when your arm is shaking because you’ve just been swimming and you’ve used muscles you haven’t used in months … plus you’re in a changing cubicle and suddenly aware that in this context the camera-shutter noise your phone makes sounds kind of creepy.

I like swimming. Getting into the pool takes me back to being … ooh, what age … about 10? Having school swimming lessons, feeling competent in the water, and having a little bit of time to mess about in the pool with my friends afterwards pretending to be dolphins and mermaids. There are photos of me in the water going back to when I was rather small (Mum, if you’re reading this, when do you think I was first in a swimming pool?) – not that I was ever a champion swimmer or anything like that, but so far as I can remember I’ve always been able to swim. Or rather, I have memories of classes learning to swim, but I can’t remember not being able to swim.

Swimming is also excellent exercise. You get the resistance of the water, it’s good for your posture, it’s low impact so won’t stress your joints out … there are lots of reasons to go swimming. Especially if it’s a form of exercise you feel particularly comfortable with.

But for years I’ve avoided going, because once I take my glasses off I feel vulnerable and anxious. I can get into the water and swim, but I can’t read signs, I can’t recognise people, I’m not confident of my depth perception … it becomes easier to just not go.

However, there’s an obvious solution to this: prescription goggles. And last weekend, I finally ordered some! From – the ones I ordered (“Swimmi”) can be found here.

They cost me £28 (plus £3.50 for post and packing). I put in my order over the weekend, they were dispatched on Monday and arrived on Tuesday. I chose these goggles because they had good reviews, you could adjust the fit easily (there are 3 sizes of nosepiece to choose from, as well as the straps being very adjustable), and – crucially – they let you specify a different prescription for each eye.

I had to do a bit of self-assembly (or rather, I started to slot the nosepiece together and then C took hold of it and sorted out the straps before I had a chance!) – you get individual lens-bits, a set of 3 nosepieces in varying sizes, two rubbery straps, and the screw-top case. And some helpful instructions so you know how everything is supposed to go together:

Good instructions, although they feature a rather unfortunate shade of orange on the eyepieces … I’m rather glad mine are blue!

I wore them to the pool for the first time on Wednesday evening. It was so good to be able to see everything properly – for the first time since I can remember, really. Once I’d adjusted the fit, the goggles fit well and generally stayed clear and didn’t leak – though I’ll admit they did leak when I was doing forward rolls underwater, but I suspect I scrunch up my face when I do that so it probably isn’t their fault.

Obviously I can’t yet say how they hold up over time, but I’m hopeful from reading other reviews that they’ll continue to perform well despite frequent use*, I’ll continue to enjoy swimming, and I’ll get significantly fitter. Here’s to the future! And how wonderful that I have discovered these now, rather than in 10 years’ time!**.

If you’re a short-sighted person in a similar position to me, and £30 isn’t a huge amount of money to you, I really would recommend trying them.

*I paid for 12 swims for the price of 10, so I have to go back to the pool at least another 11 times …
**this is my rationalist response to the urge to say “why didn’t I discover these years ago?”
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2 Responses to Eudoxia goes swimming!

  1. Jack says:

    Now I’m deciding I serious want some prescription goggles. Did you keep using them — do they still seem good?

    • I did keep using them, and went swimming … around 10 times? (I think I used up nearly all of my 12 swims but still have one or two left) over 3-4 months. But then we moved house and I haven’t been swimming since.

      They did continue to seem good although I think the seal seemed very slightly less good after the first few swims. But still pretty good. Would def. recommend for people like me whose eyes are quite different and therefore need goggles with different prescriptions in each eye (if your eyes are the same I think you have more options which obviously I haven’t looked into).

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