Grateful (an eventful week)

Well, it’s been quite a week.

This week:

      • C and I looked around properties, looking for somewhere to live when we move for my job
      • C’s tonsillitis developed into something more complicated (despite being told at the clinic a couple of days earlier that he just had to go home and rest and drink fluids and it would go away)
      • We agreed on a wee house to rent and put in an application for it
      • C ended up in hospital for 2 nights (see above)
      • My sister graduated! 🙂
      • All of the house-related paperwork was confirmed! (we move at the end of August)
      • We bought a car!

… so things definitely improved as the week went on!

At the moment, I am feeling very grateful. So many things have fallen into place for us, with this job, the house, the car … everything has been working out really, really smoothly. And to a limited extent that’s due to us being sensible and working hard and doing our research, but I feel profoundly grateful for the right things coming up at the right time. And on a more basic level, grateful for being born into parts of the world and to families that have given us so many opportunities, for education, to work, to live in peace … many people are not this lucky.

I am strongly reminded of words from the offertory – “all things come from you, and of your own do we give you”. In another week or so (i.e. after I’ve been paid) I’m thinking of making a charity donation, in honour of this. I’m thinking either something third-world developmental, or something within the UK for people who find themselves slipping through the cracks. Any thoughts about organisations to donate to? (my defaults are World Vision, and Broadway)

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One Response to Grateful (an eventful week)

  1. Rachel says:

    Hello! It’s probably too late for this, because you’ve probably made your donation ages ago (back when you wrote this post, rather than now when I’ve found it…), but if by any chance you are still looking for somewhere to donate to, might I suggest TASTE ( This is a charity currently being set up by a close friend of mine, who is heading out to Uganda for a few years to run a mobile science laboratory (in a van!) touring lots of little villages and teaching Ugandan kids some science – scientific methodology and also some practical experiments. You can read more about it on the website. 🙂

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