The Olympics are here!

I’ve been watching the opening ceremony (I was away camping when it actually happened, and have been saving it until after I’d sent in my latest round of thesis-work).


It is STUNNING. I love it. I love the theme – “this is for everyone”. Yes.

And it includes J. K. Rowling, pop-up chimneys of the industrial revolution, people in top hats, Peter Pan, James Bond, the NHS, and a representation of the M25. How British is that? 🙂

Another thing I really like about the Olympics being on is that I’m suddenly seeing lots of bits in the media about hard work and perseverance and it paying off. Usually the British media is less good at this kind of thing, a little too ready to nitpick and pull people down (a bit of tall poppy syndrome). It’s so refreshing to see and hear media commentary being genuinely supportive of people who work very, very hard.

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