2012 Retrospective

So turns out it’s the end of another year already. Huh. This keeps happening. I guess it’s a good thing; better than the alternatives?

At the beginning of this year, I wrote a blog post about 2012 and what it might be like and what I hoped to do in it. Let’s see how that went …

  • From my list of things to do in 2012 (in blog post):


  • make pizza from scratch (we did this a lot; this was a good idea 🙂
  • watch Inception – finally watched this a few months ago, with C. I found it less twisty and confusing than I had been led to believe it was. However, I have also watched Primer so my standard for ‘twisty and confusing’ is pretty high.
  • Clear ‘My Life Would Suck Without You’ on Expert level (DDR). I haven’t got good scores on Expert level … but I have successfully cleared the level.
  • Start a joint savings account with C. Hurrah for having well-organised household finances!

Partial successes:

  • read Paul through Mediterranean Eyes – it’s brilliant and I’ve read a lot of it, but I don’t think I’ve actually finished it. Oops. I would very, very highly recommend it though – fantastic commentary on 1 Corinthians (which as I understand it is one of the ‘Pauline’ letters that is actually thought to have been written by Paul …) with loads of cultural and literary insights.
  • write a program in Python – I did start re-doing some stuff in Python. But this was really about getting back into programming – and in my current job I have been writing programs in various languages (mostly C#, also bits of SQL, ASP, javascript, etc) so I was happy to let this one slide.
  • make chocolate cheesecake brownies – I honestly can’t remember if I’ve done that this year or not. However, I have made lots of delicious baked goods – including homemade pain au chocolat for Christmas – so I’m counting that as a partial success. 


  • get good photos of C and me. Arg. If you know me in real life and we’re both somewhere, please take photos! We have good digital cameras and have friends with good digital cameras, we should be able to do this … it’s just so easy to put off. 
  • write an essay about something and put it on the blog. Hm. Thesis-writing took over, I think …
  • go to a ‘High’ Church service (defined as one with incense and a language I don’t speak, like Latin or Russian). I found that moving house and therefore having to find a new Church anyway took up all of my going-new-religious-places energy – I find it hard to go to new/different religious venues unless I am going with someone who can let me know how things work. I’d still really like to go to a really formal/liturgical/’bells and smells’ service, but being realistic I will find it hard to go on my own so I don’t know if this will happen.
  • memorise 1 Corinthians 13. Frankly, I totally forgot. But I have started a project to read through the whole Bible in the space of a few months (keeping it vague …), which kind of ticks some of the same mental boxes for me.
  • learn a piano piece. Kept getting put off, and then we moved and the piano didn’t. 

Hmmm. Overall, I’m pretty happy with how that went :).

Other thoughts about 2012:

  • I commented at the beginning of the year that 2011 had been odd in that there hadn’t been a big change in my life around September (whereas previously the academic year had dictated the rhythm of my years). In September 2012, I started a new job – so in a way it feels back to life as normal there. I do programming-y stuff, and my coworkers are nice.
  • I successfully completed the graduate course I was studying for! 🙂 handed in in August but didn’t have confirmation until the end of November. That was really bloody hard work (mostly because it is a BIG jump going from doing A level essays to doing graduate-level essays/thesis, and this year I had to actually write and complete the thesis) but I am pleased with how it turned out. I’m also pleased that by doing it I’ve worked on a serious project involving writing – I like writing, but tend to only write recreationally, as it were. 
  • C and I moved out and moved quite far away from where we had been living, for my new job. It’s really nice to be renting a place of our own 🙂 although living with family is fantastic (and I do mean that honestly) it’s really neat to have our own little place, and be able to host get-togethers and stuff. We’ve also become a bit more foodie-ish – I think having his own kitchen has been a big thing for C, we have some great kitchen things (mostly received as wedding presents) so we have good equipment, and it’s a way to get interesting food on our (pretty basic) budget. Come visit, there might be homemade foccacia!
  • We have had friends and family to stay. I am loving this. It is SO COOL to be able to say “yes, come, please, we have floorspace and sleeping bags and board games and we will feed you delicious things”. I am so lucky to have super friends to invite, and ones who are willing to travel here!
  • We bought a car! This is exciting. Although C and I still walk nearly everywhere (travel to work, food shopping, library visits, most other shopping is all done on foot), there are some places you can’t walk, like when you want to drive to visit people who live hundreds of miles away. 
  • We joined a new Church – kind of a necessity when you move hours away from the old one. The people seem nice. I went to a study group in the Autumn and learnt virtually nothing about Philippians but met people, which was the idea, and we went to Church today to help with packing up Christmas decorations (lots of beautiful candles = lots of candle wax to clean up …) and we’re gradually starting to get to know people. 
  • joined a new dance group which is cool. It’s good exercise, and nice to meet people outside of work. 

2012 has been a really good year for me, and for us. I am very thankful that so very much has gone right for us this year. There were some tricky bits*, but overall this year we have had lots of smooth bits and lots of good bits and not many tricky bits.

How was your 2012?

(*Top tip: if you’ve had tonsillitis for a few days and it hasn’t got any better and the walk-in-clinic person says they were going to give you antibiotics but now they’re not going to, DON’T ACCEPT IT. GET THE ANTIBIOTICS. It may save you becoming Really Extremely Ill Indeed because you got quinsy which affects your breathing and leads to having to stay in hospital where lots of exciting things happen like oxygen masks and intraveneous antibiotics. Also, if symptom checkers say “can you do this” and you technically can but it causes agonising pain, count that as “I can’t do this” I am very grateful for the NHS, but I wish the non-A&E bits of the NHS we visited were a bit more competent, like the A&E bit we visited was.)
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