Flying Geese knitted blanket – finished!

I finished a knitting project recently! Hurray!

It’s a log-cabin-method-ish blanket based on the Flying Geese quilt pattern. I adapted the Flying Geese blanket from Mason-Dixon Knitting (p84-85) to be a bit larger and have fewer triangley-border-bits. The version in the book:

Mason-Dixon Knitting Flying Geese Blanket PatternMy version:
"Flying Geese" knitted blanketIt’s slightly more blue than it looks in that picture (i.e. the purple is not reddish-tinged, and the lighter colour is a light green that’s not particularly yellowy).

The purple diamond in the middle is really because I was running out of blue, but I like the way it turned out :).
Flying Geese Blanket closeup #1I changed the small squares’ colours, and the orientation of some of the border-strips – I’m really pleased with the symmetry that I was able to create by doing a 9-square version rather than the book’s 6-square version. It’s edged with a round of half-double-crochet, partly because I was sick of knitting triangles (they’re really cool, but after a while they get a bit tedious) but mostly because I was running out of purple yarn.

Flying Geese Blanket closeup #2The blue yarn came from a half-finished project C’s Mum had had and passed on to me to do something with, and I bought one ball each of the two greens and the purple somewhere (John Lewis in Cambridge, maybe?) and then lost most of the ball bands, so as well as the financial incentive not to buy any more yarn I’m not sure if I could have matched the colours/brand.

My sewing-up has definitely improved, which is really helpful. Some of it was joined as I went along – each large plain blue square was picked up and knitted from the edge of a triangle-stripe – but there was still lots of joining to do at the end, which I mostly did using ends that needed weaving in. I believe I started this c. October 2010, so it’s lovely to have it finally finished! (well, as you can see in the big picture above I still have to weave in the ends from the crochet edging – but I have woven in the ends from everything else, which took flippin’ AGES). 

Have you finished any crafty projects lately?

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