Saturday Cheesecake

It’s been sunny today! You’d nearly think it might be sort of coming towards Spring (though I’m not getting my hopes up; it was snowing on Thursday). A warm, sunny day and a bit of spare money in the food budget made me think … CHEESECAKE!

(Actually, after thinking about cheesecake for a while I thought ‘hmm, that cheesecake-like lime pie recipe I have would be fab …’ and intended to make that, but I completely forgot that that recipe needs sweetened condensed milk, not cream cheese).

I kind of made things up a little bit on this, looking at several different recipes. It’s got a ginger biscuit base-and-sides (full sides inspired by Smitten Kitchen’s New York Cheesecake), and the filling is based on the BBC Good Food Baked Raspberry Cheesecake (though with fewer berries, as we had the tail end of a pack of frozen berries in the freezer so I just used those up). I’m planning to eat it with homemade Apricot jam/conserve … C’s Mum made lots recently, and gave us three jars when we visited at Easter 🙂
I’m in a good place with cooking at the moment. C cooks most of the time, but I’ll cook a couple of times a week, and we shop and meal plan together so I’ve usually got a good idea of what’s in the kitchen. This morning I made a quick lamb stew based on leftovers which turned out really well – it’s the first time I’ve tried something like that without a recipe, so that was really neat. It feels satisfying making things that use up the last of what you’ve got (although making a whole cheesecake to use up some frozen berries doesn’t exactly count as using up leftovers …).

Have you cooked anything exciting recently? 🙂

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1 Response to Saturday Cheesecake

  1. Alison says:

    Made a lovely dinner last night – I fried an onion, some garlic and some chicken breast, added mushrooms and then stirred through some mascarpone cheese that needed using up, and served it with the tail end of a bag of tagliatelle. This is all part of Operation Empty The Cupboards and the Fridge before Moving.

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