Our computer is healthy again!

Hello internet!

One of the reasons I haven’t been posting much lately is that our desktop has been really, really, really slow (so I couldn’t draft a post in a spare 10 minutes, it would end up taking 40 minutes to turn on, get to WordPress, get to the right page, open it, wait for the page to actually register what you were typing … and then, hopefully, it would actually upload … maybe …). I wasn’t sure what the cause was, but occasionally it was OK, so thought maybe it was just due to the computer getting older and having more and more stuff installed on it. And since I can check email/facebook/read blogs on my phone, it was easy to put off trying to sort it out after we’d done a full scan and not found anything.

C found out this morning that it had some kind of trojan/malware on it (SProtector). Got rid of that, and wow! Things actually start up, and load, without being horribly horribly slow!

I can’t promise that this will herald a big increase in blog posts, but it certainly improves the chances :). Happy Eudoxia.

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