Not those, those are my time-travel trousers …

This past week has been a good one. Last weekend my Bretonnian army sold on ebay for a significant sum (significant to me, anyway!) and so I have spent this week BUYING ALL THE THINGS (plus putting some money into savings). Having little-to-no spending money for months on end had honed my wishlist, so I could match up the I WANT TO BUY ALL THE THINGS feelings with things I really do want:

  • running armband to hold my blackberry (£3.99, half price)
  • 9 books, mostly Morse (£3, local fete)
  • necklace to wear with dance kit (50p, local fete)
  • MS Pro Duo card-to-USB adapter (£2.50 on amazon)
  • hip flask (£4.50 on amazon)
  • runtastic pro app (£2.50)
  • jeans for dance kit (£10, Tesco )
  • The Indifference Engine by Professor Elemental (£9 + £1.50 P&P)
  • Father of Invention by Professor Elemental (£12 + £1.50 P&P – should have ordered them together but didn’t …)
  • camping stove, gas canisters, grill plate, and mini-kettle (£30, nearly all half price)
  • rainbow scarf that’s pretty and smart enough for work (£5, charity shop)

I’m very excited about the 2 Professor Elemental CDs. Since meeting the lovely Prof. at IVFDF a couple of months ago I’ve wanted to purchase some of his music, but I’ve been holding out until I could afford proper CDs (digital tracks are great, but I can play CDs in the car and use steering-wheel-mounted controls on them). Unfortunately (according to an auto-reply email) he’s off at Comicpalooza, but should be returning to the lab soon – I’m hoping they’ll arrive sometime this week :).

I’m also really pleased with my running armband, and runtastic pro. I’ve been using runtastic lite for a while, and upgraded to the pro version yesterday – the main attraction being the voice feedback feature. I’ve set it up so it talks to me every 5 minutes, and every kilometre. And yesterday I jogged 5k! Without the feedback I probably would’ve stopped at 4 – being able to zone out and just keep going until I hear the voice is really helpful for me. Much better than constantly checking my watch or obsessing about how far it is to the next tree. I still need to find a solution for how to carry my keys while jogging (either a wrist wallet or one of those things that attaches onto your shoelaces?) but having the blackberry securely strapped to my arm rather than bouncing around in  pockets is really good. Plus, most of my good-for-exercise clothing lacks pockets, which is inconvenient.

I think it’s time for another Professor Elemental track

(It doesn’t make an awful lot of sense, I’ll admit. According to the Professor’s blog:

 I have a Horse, a lovely horse, a pretty horse.  No one is questioning that. I mean, I feel I have made that fairly clear in my recent video. (if you didn’t see it , you can find it on the first page) What I rarely mention, as it sounds more pretentious than I mean it to, is that when I wrote the song, it was originally meant to be a loose metaphor for my love of Hip Hop and the strange places that being a professor has taken me. In the end, it was much more about an imaginary  horse that I ride in my own mind. A pretty horse. A lovely horse. Either way, I hope you liked it. )

I’m vaguely trying to avoid buying things from Amazon (what with them being massive tax avoiders and all), but I couldn’t think of anywhere else to look for cheap memory card to USB adapters – and then I found that I had about £4 credit from a gift voucher that I’d completely forgotten. So now I’ve used that up, between the adapter and the hip flask. I’ve wanted a hip flask for ages – when it comes to alcohol, I’m the sort of person who will very occasionally drink a tiny bit of something awfully sweet (e.g. Christmas pudding vodka, mead, syrupy fruity things) so being able to take a small amount on holiday in a conveniently-sized receptacle sounds a very good idea.

Similarly, I mostly try to avoid buying clothing from Tesco, but given what I needed and the timeframe I needed it in buying something new from a shop that stocks a wide range of sizes was necessary :(. At least they’ve signed up to the Bangladesh safety agreement, though, unlike Asda/Walmart and Gap. The whole buying ethical / buying second hand clothing thing is much harder when you have very specific requirements. For example, I need a plain white or cream coloured smart top for a singing group I’m in – chances of finding precisely that in a size that fits me in a charity shop are pretty low. In such cases I’m trying to buy from least-bad  brands and make such purchases the smallest-necessary part of my wardrobe (e.g. by only wearing those items when I have to, so that they will last a long time).

Have you bought anything exciting or listened to any bizarre music lately?

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3 Responses to Not those, those are my time-travel trousers …

  1. Ignatius says:

    Well if you’re asking about listening to bizarre music then there has just been Eurovision. Favourites have to be the Greek folk/ska entry: and the Romanian falsetto vampire: Oh and Norway but that’s more because I’m occasionally shallow rather than bizarreness:

    Leaving aside the Eurovision love I’ve not bought anything exciting recently, saving for the summer and keeping a few things free for my upcoming birthday. And in non-Eurovision music there’s been a couple of new Molotov Jukebox music videos up which I’ve enjoyed, this being my favourite:

    • Ignatius says:

      I say new, end of last year but I completely missed it.

    • There’s something rather odd about the sparkly vampire singing about his life. Shouldn’t that be death? Especially a vampire singing about giving *up* his life. Isn’t that kind of difficult? ,,,

      That Molotov Jukebox video (and song) is really neat! Thanks for sharing 🙂

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