Brief 2014 Update

Hello hello 🙂

I’m blogging less and less these days (er, as the stats for 2013 probably show). I haven’t forgotten about this place altogether, but for a variety of reasons, writing blog posts isn’t something that draws me like it did once. So here’s a bit of an update on a few bits, but I will probably end up falling silent after this for quite a while. Unfortunately, energy and willpower are finite, and at the moment those things are being used up in settings (like work, trying to keep working on physical fitness, and staying in touch with individuals) which aren’t blogging/writing.

(I will try and finish typing up the Hanter Dro notes at some point. But no promises as to when.)

I am still writing a bit, occasionally – well, I guess, most recently in NaNoWriMo 2013 (which I completed!). I have a draft novel which is about all sorts of things like magic, friendship, perception, and taking over the world. I’m not under the illusion that it’s brilliant – it’s probably not very good, and the pacing is wrong as I realised close to the end that I couldn’t have someone create an army super-quickly so needed months more added into the timeline – but I think I might actually go back and work on this one, and edit it and try and craft it into something that’s genuinely worth reading. I think it might have the potential for that (I haven’t felt that with my previous Nano novels).

I’d like to write something shorter. I’ve been reading lots of short stories recently (Father Brown ones, and a collection of Sherlock Holmes stories by modern sci-fi/fantasy type authors) which I’ve really enjoyed. But that’s just a dream at the moment, really. At some point, when time/energy resources come free again … then, I hope. Maybe I’ll even try my hand at a Sherlock Holmes story or two. 

Til next time,


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