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Saturday Play – G

Sesame street spoofs Glee. Glorious!

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Education is …

“Education is not the filling of a pail, but the lighting of a fire.” Commonly attributed to Yeats (possibly wrongly). A valuable concept, wherever it comes from.

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Thesis Thoughts: the plan

Having posted about Tall’s Three Worlds of Mathematics last week, I think it’s a good idea to keep the maths education theme going this week. And I’ve been thinking about my (Master’s) thesis, and in the last few weeks a … Continue reading

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Definitions: a rant

So, as readers of this blog may know, I did maths as an undergraduate (graduated last summer), and am now working / studying in Education. And a very frequently recurring thought is … WHY CAN’T SOCIAL SCIENTISTS AGREE ON WHAT … Continue reading

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Rules for education …

“I recently heard Dr. Walter Brueggemann say that theological educators should follow the same two guidelines that responsible sex educators follow: Don’t tell students more than they are ready for or can handle. Don’t tell them anything they’ll have to … Continue reading

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