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A Tale of Three Waistcoats

One upon a time (about this time last year) I joined a dance team. This meant that I needed a colourful waistcoat to wear when performing. I was able to borrow one to start off with, but it wasn’t great, so … Continue reading

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Saturday play – my new waistcoat!

Recently, I’ve been making a waistcoat. Yes, another one. This is the third waistcoat I’ve made – you can see pictures of the first one here, and pictures of the charity-shop-shirt that formed part of the second one here. I’ve … Continue reading

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Waistcoat Pictures!

(Psst, sorry for pretty much abandoning this blog over the past week – I’ve needed some time to sit and think and just generally process ‘life’. Should probably be back to normal on Sunday – tomorrow (Saturday) I’m off at … Continue reading

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Waistcoat – part II

It looks like this is going to be a three-parter – although I’m making good progress with hemming, there are still buttons and buttonholes to sort out 🙂 So – to recap: you have your pattern pieces (a front-right, a … Continue reading

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How I Made a Waistcoat, Part I

Being a description of my Own Experience, and Not Necessarily the Best Way to Do Things. (photos added 14/3/11) 1. Determine requirements: This is something I’m going to dance in, so it needs to be light so that I don’t … Continue reading

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