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Boom-de-yada …

Some friends of mine are getting married this weekend 🙂 and because They Are Awesome, we will be singing the “I love xkcd” song at their wedding: This is apparently a spoof of/inspired by a Discovery Channel ad. So I … Continue reading

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Interview day, and xkcd (life update)

Have you seen Monday’s xkcd, Every Major’s Terrible? I like it a lot 🙂 especially as I really like the Modern Major General song anyway. I quite like today’s xkcd too, about not making fun of people because they haven’t … Continue reading

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Today I feel kind of like the person depicted in this: Except not about bacon, about PANCAKES! Which is good, since they’re a lot healthier. So really I’m lacking the ‘this will make me really unhealthy bit’, and just enjoying … Continue reading

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Passing on Wisdom?

xkcd: Certainty (http://xkcd.com/263/) In the last week or so, I’ve been thinking about the difficulties inherent in trying to impart knowledge/skills/habits/information/anything to anyone. This is partly in response to things I’ve been reading or hearing which make me sit back … Continue reading

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